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Our Future Program Goals

Doctor and Patient
  • Develop a non-profit health service facility for community gatherings to research and apply the both scientific and spiritual treatment methods. This facility will also offer educational workshops and long distance programs. Any ill and infirmed persons, regardless of gender, race, and religion may come to experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing at our non-profit health facility,

  • Support scientific research performed by doctors, health organizations, medical researchers, scientist, educators, and professionals that will research and expand upon the correlation of bio-energy science with spirituality. Grants are offered to those scientists, doctors and researchers interested in studying the connection between science and spirituality.

  • Establish a local and national educational multimedia campaign to further explore the connection between spirituality and bio-energy science. Through this campaign, we provide a variety of educational programs, seminars, videos and online workshops to assist all individuals in overcoming old paradigms and paving the way for unifying science and spirituality.

  • Provide long distance tele-medicine program offering healing for individuals through both spiritual and traditional medical treatment methods. When established, this program will be open to all wishing to experience the connection between science and spirituality firsthand. The person may receive a treatment from a remote location over the phone or computer video conferencing program