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What Happens During a Prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh?

A man receiving a prayer

The Science of Creation Foundation, a non-profit organization is researching the power behind the prayer of a Cleveland doctor, Issam Nemeh M.D. We have received these extraordinary healing testimonials from individuals throughout the U.S and Canada who have attended a healing service with Dr. Nemeh and have had a phenomenal recovery.


The physical, mental and emotional transformation of matter that has resulted from a prayer by Dr. Nemeh is definitely scientific in nature. Testimonials state they can feel buzzing frequencies in their body, along with a radiant heat, while the Dr. Nemeh prays. These frequencies being felt through the physical sensation are real, can be measured, and promote healing in the body.  It is our goal to bridge the gap between scientific frequencies and prayer, through research to discover these govern universal frequencies.


Even the most analytical mind cannot dispute the extraordinary manifestation of matter transformation occurring to these individuals during a prayer said by Dr. Nemeh. How does this work and why? We hope to answer these questions and more once, we have obtained enough funding to thoroughly scientifically investigate Dr. Nemeh.


It is our goal to explore the connection between energy science and spiritual prayer, to develop a unified theory that connects spirituality to science for the benefit of all humanity.


Maureen Leimkuehler
President Science of Creation Foundation